JCR Planning Ltd is able to advise and assist on all aspects of the planning system, helping its Clients through an ever changing and increasingly complicated legislative and policy landscape. The majority of our work includes, but is not restricted to, the following key areas:

Planning Appraisals

Assessing the potential for obtaining planning permission on a site or a building can represent one of the most important parts of the development process. JCR Planning prides itself on its ability to utilise its in depth knowledge of both local and national planning policy together with its commercial realism to provide Clients with a clear, credible and reliable opinion on which to base their future decisions on a project. We are also able to provide appraisals on the possibility of the inclusion of land as part of an emerging development plan for a range of potential uses.

Planning Applications

The preparation and submission of planning applications (be they for outline, full, reserved matters, advertisement or conservation area consent) represents a core part of our work. Not only do we provide the required Planning and Design and Access Statements were required, but we will also provide advise on and coordinate the preparation of supplementary supporting information from third parties, ensuring the overall application submission package meets both national and local requirements. We also use our previous experience to advise Clients and their architects on the design aspects of a project, providing then a comprehensive planning agency service that will maximise the possibility of securing planning permission in each case.

With an application submitted to the Authority, we will then continue to act on behalf of our Clients monitoring its progress, addressing any third party queries or questions that may be raised during its determination, as well as negotiating any contributions required by the Authority, such as affordable housing. JCR Planning’s Directors are also experienced in addressing Planning Committee’s to promote their Client’s scheme.

JCR Planning Ltd is also happy to advise and represent neighbours or third parties who may have concerns with respect to new developments being proposed near them.

Planning Appeals

All our Planning Directors have significant experience in pursuing and winning cases through all three of the planning appeal routes – written representation, informal hearing and public inquiry – and so are well versed in the process and requirements of the Planning Inspectorate. Such appeals are more often than not as a result of the refusal of planning permission, but we also have experience of undertaking appeals on behalf of Clients for other reasons, such as the failure of a local authority to determine an application within the statutory time period.

In all cases, JCR Planning will ensure that the case made on behalf of its Clients is both as thorough and robust as possible.

Development Plans

All local authorities are required by law to prepare and retain up to date development plans. These documents represent the core document used by local authorities in determining planning applications and include a range of policies providing criteria to be used in the assessment of a proposed development, as well as an indication as to what areas of land are allocated for specific land uses, such as housing or employment.

JCR Planning is able to draw on its historic and recent experience of preparing such planning policy documents for local authorities, as well promoting sites on behalf of land owners and developers for a range of land uses, to provide its Clients with as an informed and effective service as possible when it comes to working through the development plan process.

Enforcement Action Resolution

The planning enforcement process deals with matters of planning law and JCR Planning are able to offer an in-depth understanding and knowledge of this legal system to assist its Clients in avoiding the pitfalls, as well as working through the legislative process to secure a satisfactory outcome for all. Often this understanding of the planning law system and its skills of negotiation with Authorities enables JCR Planning to avoid full enforcement action being taken, which can lead to a lengthy appeal process and in some cases financial penalties.

When it comes to planning enforcement issues, JCR Planning prides its track record of securing resolution for its Clients in as painless a manner as possible.

Listed Building Consent Applications

Unlike other buildings, those that are subject to a Listing status are subject to significantly greater control. As a result, even the most minor works to the building or indeed aspects of its curtilage, may require Listed Building Consent from the local authority.

JCR Planning is able to use its experience of working on all Grade’s of Listed Building to assist Clients to achieve their design and practical objectives in a manner that provides comfort to local authorities and the statutory body of CADW that the special interest and setting of such buildings is retained.

Affordability Housing Viability

We are highly experienced in the often delicate negotiation with Local Authorities as to their affordable housing requirements for a development site, together with other community benefit contributions.

We are able to comprehensively assemble Viability Assessments to demonstrate the impact of affordable housing on selected sites, taking into consideration any abnormal factors required to realise development. We specifically retain the services of a Quantity Surveyor to assist in such negotiations.